A “DELUSIONAL” drug user caught cultivating a £100,000 cannabis crop in his garage has been jailed.

Police officers raided Mark Siequien’s home in Hinton Way, Great Shelford, following a tip-off from a neighbour who had spotted “suspicious” activity in his garage.

They found more than 300 plants, along with lights, fertiliser and special tents to encourage plant growth.

Cambridge Crown Court heard how the 33-year-old, who possesses “some schizoid traits”, was a “lonely figure” who claimed he was saving up to flee society and move to a smallholding in Wales.

Sentencing Siequien to two years behind bars, Judge Anthony Bate said: “You went into this enterprise knowing it to be a crime. You present a lonely figure in court today (Thursday, 26 November).”

Small quantities of herbal and resin forms of cannabis, as well as frozen leaves, were also seized by officers.

Mark Shelley, mitigating, said Siequien harboured “delusional ideas” of using his drug profits to buy a freeholding in Wales, and described him as a “very solitary character” who had tried to commit suicide on at least two occasions.

Georgina Gibbs, prosecuting, said Siequien admitted he was growing the crop to sell, and had bought the paraphernalia from “a shop in Mill Road”.

She said he smoked cannabis daily to ease depression, and saw the drug as “the only relief he had for the activity in his brain which he felt was too much”.

She added: “It is clear he was struggling with a society in which he felt he didn’t belong.”

The judge ordered that the plants and drugs be destroyed.

After carrying out the raid on May 14, police headed on to a pre-planned meeting of the village’s Neighbourhood Watch group. They informed residents of their success – before heading back to the house to continue their inquiries.

The raid came after police were tipped off by a resident.

Insp Chris Savage told the News at the time: “It is excellent that our local community is calling us with information, as we will act on it where we can.”