‘One Show’ presenter Adrian Chiles has revealed he once smoked cannabis when he was 16, but he didn’t like it.


Adrian Chiles once smoked cannabis – but it made him sick.

The BBC TV presenter experimented with the herbal drug when he was a teenager but says it didn’t make him high, it just made him vomit.

He said: “I had some pot at 16, at a community disco. I was violently sick and I’ve never had any since.”

Although Adrian didn’t enjoy cannabis, he does enjoy drinking.

The 42-year-old star goes to the pub most nights after work and says the best thing about it is people always want to buy him a glass or two of his favourite tipple.

He revealed: “I finish work at 7.30 and it’s just the easiest thing to do. It’s not a cop-out, but if you’re quite famous, quite approachable, someone will always say, ‘I’ll buy you a drink and we’ll talk about football.’ “

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Last updated: 02 January