Uk : Adrian Chiles Says No To Drugs


‘One Show’ presenter Adrian Chiles has revealed he once smoked cannabis when he was 16, but he didn’t like it.


Adrian Chiles once smoked cannabis – but it made him sick.

The BBC TV presenter experimented with the herbal drug when he was a teenager but says it didn’t make him high, it just made him vomit.

He said: “I had some pot at 16, at a community disco. I was violently sick and I’ve never had any since.”

Although Adrian didn’t enjoy cannabis, he does enjoy drinking.

The 42-year-old star goes to the pub most nights after work and says the best thing about it is people always want to buy him a glass or two of his favourite tipple.

He revealed: “I finish work at 7.30 and it’s just the easiest thing to do. It’s not a cop-out, but if you’re quite famous, quite approachable, someone will always say, ‘I’ll buy you a drink and we’ll talk about football.’ “

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Last updated: 02 January



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