CANNABIS ‘CURE’ Who is Alfie Dingley, will he be given cannabis oil to treat his epilepsy and what is the petition about?



CANNABIS ‘CURE’ Who is Alfie Dingley, will he be given cannabis oil to treat his epilepsy and what is the petition about?


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Little Alfie, six, suffers from severe epileptic fits that his family insist can be treated with cannabis oil


ALFIE Dingley suffers from epilepsy and his mum insists he can be treated with cannabis oil, but the family were banned from using it.

Six-year-old Alfie has to endure up to 30 seizures a day because of his condition — made worse, his family say, because of the ban. Here’s what we know.


Alfie Dingley, six, suffers from a rare genetic mutation that gives him epileptic fits.


Parents Hannah Deacon and Drew Dingley believe cannabis oil treatment has had a significant impact in his treatment.

They say the results are “nothing short of a miracle” with seizures now down to around one a month.

The family moved to the Netherlands in September 2017 because of the treatment.

But they ran out of money and have been forced to return to Britain.

Alfie’s parents now want the NHS to make an exception to the ruling banning the use of cannabis oil in the UK.

Some cannabis oils are sold in the UK but the type the family is believed to want contains an illegal psycho- active element called THC.

The Home Office insisted it can be used here only for research under medical licence and “cannot be practically prescribed, administered or supplied to the public”.


Will he be given cannabis oil to treat his epilepsy?
In March 2018 the Home Office announced it is considering allowing a medical cannabis trial to treat Alfie.

Ministers said they are “exploring every option” after meeting with his family.

Mum Hannah described the move as a “lifeline”.

Speaking to the BBC, Ms Deacon said: “We’re very positive that [the Home Office] have given us this lifeline. I think they see what a serious issue we have here.

“I’m his mum, I’m not a politician, not an activist, I’m just a mum tired of seeing him suffer and I’ve found something that helps him. It’s his human right to be well.”


A Home Office spokesperson said: “The Government has a huge amount of sympathy for the rare and difficult situation that Alfie and his family are faced with.

“The Policing Minister wants to explore every option and has met with Alfie’s family to discuss treatments that may be accessible for him.

“No decisions have been made and any proposal would need to be led by senior clinicians using sufficient and rigorous evidence.”

The family set up a petition that has more than 30,000 signatures. You can find it here


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