Isle of Wight disqualified driver back behind wheel, with cannabis in his system

DRIVING with cannabis in his system, while already disqualified from the road, resulted in a Shanklin man having his licence taken away for a further three years.

Tyrone Jake Clarkson, of High Street, was told by Island magistrates yesterday (29) that being employed as a site manager for a building firm was his saving grace and this would spare him a jail term.

Instead, they gave him a 12-month custodial sentence, suspended for 18 months.

Clarkson, 23, admitted driving a BMW 118 on Market Hill, Cowes, on October 28, 2018, with cannabis in his blood. He also admitted driving while disqualified, and having no insurance.

Ann Smout, prosecuting, said Clarkson was caught when he overtook an unmarked police car at speed. He was followed, and later tested positive for cannabis.

It was a month to the day that he had appeared in court for an identical case and been disqualified from driving.

Mrs Smout said: “This is a repeat offence within a very short time, which is very much an aggravating feature.”

Oscar Vincent, for Clarkson, said he had been going through a difficult time in his personal life which had caused a very low mood, and his mental health issues were not being properly treated.

He had not consumed alcohol for several years but had taken to self-medicating by using cannabis.

On the day of the offences, he had had a good night sleep and hadn’t appreciated the drugs were still in his system. He was running late and took the ‘foolish’ decision to drive.

On sentencing Clarkson, the magistrates also ordered him to pay a £115 surcharge and £85 costs.


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