U.K. man with terminal brain cancer denied medical cannabis prescription



Gannon’s partner says that despite the fact that the U.K. has recently started allowing medical cannabis to be prescribed on the NHS, his doctors at Royal Stoke University Hospital are refusing to do so

A 29-year-old British man with terminal brain cancer has been denied a medical cannabis prescription from the hospital where he has been receiving cancer treatment.

After two surgeries and 10 rounds of radiotherapy, George Gannon was told by his medical team that there was little else they could do to treat the brain tumour that had doubled in size since his initial diagnosis. The bad news was confirmed on December 21 with the results of an MRI performed shortly after Gannon started immunotherapy–a treatment that “helps to strengthen or restore the immune system’s ability to fight cancer,” per the Canadian Cancer Society.

Gannon is now taking steroids in order to reduce brain swelling, but as a result is unable to persist with immunotherapy as it is incompatible with the drugs. With his physicians recommending palliative care, his only hope of getting well enough to continue is seeking alternative treatments such as cannabis and CBD oil.

But Gannon’s partner says that despite the fact that the U.K. has recently started allowing medical cannabis to be prescribed on the NHS, his doctors at Royal Stoke University Hospital are refusing to do so.

Natalie Hobbs expressed her frustration at hospital staff and what she says is their lack of co-operation.

“We’ve approached his GP, oncologist and nurses at the hospital and they are dismissive,” she told iNews. “His GP just said we don’t understand what cannabis does yet and that was that.”

“Medicinal cannabis would only be prescribed when there is clear published evidence of benefit for patients and where there is a clinical need which cannot be met by a licensed medicine,” a Royal Stoke University Hospital spokesperson told a UK news outlet earlier this week.

Gannon’s CBD oil costs £600 per month, or approximately CAD$1025. Hobbs has started a GoFundMe to help pay for his treatment, but decries the lack of assistance she says they have received from the medical community.

“We are giving him CBD oil off the shelf and because it’s not regulated as medicine we don’t really know for sure what strength or type of cannabinoids we are giving him. If we had a prescription we would do. So it’s just guess work, which isn’t good enough when it’s about life or death of a 29-year-old.”


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Patrick wilson

2 weeks ago

The immediate simple solution is to buy some cannabis
You need an indica
Ask any dealer for an (every day smoke)
This has higher cbd content and the THC
You need
It comes in a £20 bag size
Make a chocolate fudge cake £3.50 from spar
Grind it up and cook it inside
Cut the cake into 16
Take 1 piece at 8pm every night and one at 9 am
Yes you will go through feeling stoned but after a few days you build up a resistance
You will sleep you will eat you will be in less pain
Don’t waist any more time ,

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