Carly’s Amnesty

I’ve been looking at this and I’m really disappointed by the way this is set up. It looks harder to get into than getting a prescription off the NHS.
It doesn’t cover a load of medical conditions. She has fallen for the BS about cannabis causing psychosis and being bad for heart conditions.
It looks like a massive suck-up to government and police. I wish her well for her personal grow and hope she sets a precedent, but self appointed schemes like this are just playing into the hands of the establishment rules and bollocks. 


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heather Gursahani

1 year ago

Carly, I was so sorry to hear how much you suffered till you started taking medicinal cannabis. I watched the programme on the bbc this morning, when the cannabis expert Mike Barnes gave his opinion. You mentioned 4 cases when this medicinal cannabis can be prescribed – could you kindly add Parkinsons to the list. It helps with the tremors. Parkinsons’ patients suffer a lot of pain. I have had Parkinsons for about 11 years now. My left hand has become a fist and is painful. THank you Dear Carly. Wish you all the best. God Bless.Heather

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