Cannabis Strains To Help You Make The Most Of The Outdoors This Summer



Cannabis Strains To Help You Make The Most Of The Outdoors This Summer




Provided things don’t get “heat stroke level” hot, most people treat an increase in sunlight as an invitation to get outside. It’s the season to soak in the vitamin D and show a little skin. Time to buy a tube or hit the local lake, venturing into the wild to wash away your stress.

Whether in the river or on a hike, weed can help this chilling process greatly… if you pick the right strains. If you don’t, you’ll end up yawning when you ought to have energy and paranoid when you’re keen to feel social. To help you get high on life while getting literally high, we gathered a list of strains that all help enhance outdoor activities in one way or another. Some are relaxing indicas that let you laugh through a backyard barbeque, others are sativas that get you up and trekking along the coast at daybreak, and a few are hybrids that do a little of both.

We invite you to see which strains are available (legally) near you and to work them into your summertime routine.


Willie Nelson

Legend says country singer Willie Nelson tried this pure sativa strain once and immediately bought the totality of the first crop. It makes sense if that’s true that the strain is named for him. Heck, it makes sense even if that never happened — because we all know the man smokes a tremendous amount of weed.

This strain is good for focus, creativity, and energy — meaning it’s perfect for wake and bakes and use throughout the day. Although, it may keep you up if you use it too close to bedtime. Users will not only feel less stress, anxiety, and depression when using it, a euphoric happiness will soon set in. This first-place winner for Best Sativa in the High Times Cannabis Cup of 2005 has a fragrance that is both sweet and sour and a lemongrass taste. It’s super pleasant.

Wille Nelson is good for getting outside with a task that takes imagination and feels better with friends. Maybe that means an outdoor photoshoot, a writer’s circle in the woods, some campfire storytelling, or time spent staring at the night sky and identifying constellations.


Cinderella 99



This sativa-dominant hybrid also comes correct — with effects that include an uplift in mood, increased energy, and enhanced creativity. That’s not really a surprise because those traits are fairly common in sativas, which is why they’re so good for daytime use and as a supplement for unleashing imagination.

It can take a while after smoking for users to feel the full effec of this strain, and with THC levels at nearly 22 percent, it’s vital that users wait at least 15 minutes after each use before they head back to the bong, pipe, or vaporizer. If you don’t, you can end up way higher than you meant. And the effects can last up to 90 minutes, so being uncomfortably high for over an hour is worth avoiding. It has a fruity taste with some dank notes, so it’s not super yummy, but it also isn’t terrible. We suppose it is… adequately tasty.

Cinderella 99 is ideal for active people because of the aforementioned energy, but it also eases mild, chronic pains and lessens inflammation. People who like to spend their time in nature mountain biking, hiking, windsurfing, and the like will love this strain because it makes you feel like you have unlimited stores of get up and go, and it keeps you from getting sore muscles when you exert yourself.


Orange Crush





This is another sativa-dominant strain that’s perfect for daytime use. At 29 percent THC, it can really knock novice users on their ass if they aren’t careful. Some people report feeling “the spins” when they smoke it, while others feel the paranoia that often accompanies using powerful sativas. However, for more experienced users, this strain generates a mighty cerebral high that surrounds the mind in a fog of euphoria. Some people literally forget about their chronic pain because this effect is so powerful. And it’s believed that Orange Crush increases the production of dopamine — so it’s especially good for people who deal with depression and find it difficult to get up and out of the house.

Famed for its super sweet and tangy taste and fragrance, this strain is also very tasty. To really appreciate it, try vaping. Perfect for early morning use, Orange Crush is an ideal strain for getting active before the afternoon sun makes the heat unbearable. Warning though: this can cause cotton mouth and dry eyes for some users, so make sure you stay hydrated while using it.


Afghan Kush




This is a bit of a departure from the earlier strains because Afghan Kush is nearly 100 percent indica. Generally, indicas are known for causing more of a body high and for making people sleepy. This is not a strain you bust out at breakfast unless you’re looking to take a nap at lunch. Users will feel some heavy laziness and intense euphoria. It is pretty easy to end up couchlocked, so be sure to give yourself a chance by not taking more than a few hits. That said, this is a great strain for insomniacs, as well as people who need assistance managing stress and anxiety.

So why did we put this sleepy strain on a list about going outside? Think about chill nighttime activities like busting out a couple of instruments next to a firepit or counting meteors. Your creativity will be enhanced, and these pursuits will not only feel more interesting, you’ll have more inspiration to lend to them. It is probably a good idea to avoid hiking in the dark or even with flashlights because that’s hard enough to navigate sober and this strain will discombobulate you enough that rescue teams have to find you.




Grapefruit doesn’t refer to a single strain. Instead, it is used for two sativa-dominant strains: BC Grapefruit and Nectar’s Grapefruit. Both of them make users euphoric and energized, but Nectar’s Grapefruit also gets labeled exhilarating. There are, of course, other differences as well. The BC strain is good for talking and being social, while the Nectar’s strain tends to trigger more internal pursuits like deep contemplation. Nectar’s Grapefruit is a cross between an unknown sativa and Cinderella 99. We think it takes some of the best parts of the C99 and twists them a little, but it’s worth trying both strains — which is why they both appear here.

When you try the Nectar’s, avoid times when you want absolute clarity and focus on the world around you. It’s not great for that. But both grapefruit strains are great for creativity and finding connections between ideas in new and interesting ways. And they do have a great grapefruit flavor. If you want to sit in the sand and watch the surf before writing a song or poem, these are the strains for you. If you want to gather materials in nature for an art project, ditto.


Strawberry Dream




Strawberry Dream is fantastic because it takes the best parts of its parentage and blends them in a 50/50 hybrid. You get that Blue Dream potency coupled with the taste of fresh strawberries from Strawberry Cough. Some people even think it is the ideal strain in terms of aroma, taste, and potency for both experienced and new users. We certainly think it’s awesome. Strawberry Dream has a THC level around 16 percent, so users don’t face as much risk of getting knocked on their butts. Instead, they get a balanced high that is mellow with a strong head high.

Some users will feel euphoria and an urge to turn inward and contemplate. Others will find it impossible to keep a straight face. It’s best to try some before an outdoor outing so you have some idea how it impacts you. Chances are, whether you turn into a giggle monster or a sage, you will love the immediate calm and dreamy high.

This strain comes with some serious munchies, so whatever exploring you intend to do outside, bring snacks or make food part of the outing. Grab some brews and appetizers on a patio, have a barbeque, or pack a picnic and hit a local park.







This strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that comes from a Bay Area Platinum Cookies strain and a Grand Daddy Purple strain, two very popular and tasty varieties. Originally, it was bred by Ken Estes who was involved in breeding the original Grand Daddy Purple. So it’s no wonder that Candyland is a little sweet and spicy on the ol’ taste buds.

This strain leans to its sativa side, causing a cerebral high with very little effect on the body. If you need your brain to be focused and engaged, this is a great strain, so consider it for social activities and imaginative ones. But be careful — using too much can cause the anxiety and paranoia associated with strong sativas to set in. If you avoid that, you will really feel your worries fall away and be open to communing with nature.

This would be a nice strain for an afternoon hike or tubing adventure with friends. You will have tons of energy and a real desire to chat and laugh. But beware because this strain can distract you. If you go off the trail because you saw a bird or drop your tube to go play with a dog, your plans can get messy in a hurry.



Purple Gorilla




An indica-dominant hybrid, Purple Gorilla actually is purple. Well, that is to say, the leaves often have patches of purple in a range of shades. And though this coloring might make people expect this strain to smell like grape, it actually has more of an earthy, musky aroma. However, there are a few grape and cherry notes in the flavor profile, which also has some citrus and sweetness. There is even a bit of a peppery kick.

Purple Gorilla has a creeping high that takes a few minutes to fully evolve, but when it does, it can be overwhelming and leave users a little disoriented. Expect to feel some warmth in your cheeks and a slight pulsing around your eyes. Some people will get an alteration to their sensory perception, which can include difficulty gauging depth and time dilation. And don’t forget the physical effects, which are strong. This bud can make you feel like you have fused with your surroundings. As for your thinking, expect to fixate on single concepts and to feel an uptick in your free association. You will primarily feel relaxed and a little silly. It’s pretty ideal for people who are sensitive to THC as well because it doesn’t tend to kick in anxiety or paranoia. Instead, it’s just a nice enhancement to an evening get together with friends.

This obviously isn’t a strain that’s gonna help you power through some rock climbing or keep you buzzing on the trail, but it will enhance the fun of a chill social activity outside. Grab a flying disk and head to the park with some buds to throw it around in the waning sunlight of a summer night, or hit the drive in and prepare to laugh your ass off while you sit crammed in the back of a minivan or truck with eight of your closest friends.


Sour Alien




Sour Alien is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid with a complicated parentage. The folks at Cali Connection took an Alien Kush plant that was a cross of Las Vegas Purple Kush and Alien Dog and paired it with their strain of original Sour Diesel, composed of Sour OG and Sour Diesel. What these strains do in conjunction is make up a potent bud that comes on strong and fast and slowly fades into that stereotypical indica relaxation. There is some nice, uplifting cerebral inspiration, while you remain totally alert and focused.

Sour Alien finishes up the high with intense indica relaxation that’s hella soothing, but it takes about twenty minutes to come on — meaning you experience the cerebral head high exclusively that entire time. It’s less a balanced hybrid in the sense that you simultaneously experience both indica and sativa and instead a strain that lets them each take turns. And, yes, this weed does take some of the diesel taste and smell you would expect, but there is also a nice lemon peel flavor that helps even it out for people who aren’t big fans of that fuel taste.

Some people are fine using Sour Alien all day, but others are overwhelmed by the body buzz and may smoke it only to find themselves locked in the same position an hour later. If you are one of the former, then you can use this strain and be more active outside. Try taking advantage of the focus to go bird or wildlife watching. Or, smoke it before a leisurely skateboard ride. If it makes you feel too chill for any of that, stick to relaxed activities like hot tubbing under the stars.



White Durban




This sativa-dominant strain comes from a cross of White Fire OG, a hybrid, and Durban Poison, a sativa. And anyone who has been smoking weed for a while knows that Durban Poison has been popular for a long, long time. It’s great in hybrids because it contributes to mood elevation and an energy boost. When you give it a sniff, you’re going to get a woody, earthy fuel smell and the taste is a lot like that with a layer of sweetness. It is very pleasant. And pleasant would be an understatement when it comes to the effects, which are powerful.

It is electrifying. Its ability to wake you up makes it great for people who have chronic fatigue or suffer from mood disorders that leave them sleepless and sluggish. A little of this and you will be moving a warp speed, which is why you have to be a little careful in case you get overstimulated. The high hits hard and fast and sticks around for a long time. If you don’t go overboard, it’s a wild ride that is a lot of fun. Plus, you get to be baked out of your mind without the typical laziness associated with that. It’s perfect for getting outside and being active.

Morning hikes can be hard to get behind, but a strain like this will have you trotting down a trail like a dog allowed to go off leash for the first time. The high will spark you into motion, and you should take advantage of that, whether it means a brisk hike in the early morning hours or hitting an outdoor beer garden.









Woman arrested after €900,000 worth of cannabis plants found in ‘significant grow house’ in Co Clare



Woman arrested after €900,000 worth of cannabis plants found in ‘significant grow house’ in Co Clare


Irish Mirror 


The woman is a non-Irish national and is currently detained at Ennis Garda Station


A woman has been arrested after €900,000 worth of cannabis plants were found at a “significant grow house”.

The woman, aged in her early 20s, is currently being detained at Ennis Garda Station after a search was carried out today at a premises in Tinarana, Killaloe, Co Clare.

The Clare Divisional Drugs Unit carried out the raid with support from local uniformed and plainclothes gardai, the Western Region Armed Support Unit and the Cork Garda Dog Unit.

A garda spokeswoman said: “A significant grow house has been discovered with the evidence of the production of cannabis at all stages (nursery, mature plants, dried plants).





“At this time, a large number of plants with an estimated street value of €900,000 pending analysis.

“A female in her early 20s, a non-Irish national, has been arrested at the scene and is currently being detained at Ennis Garda Station under section 4 Criminal Justice Act, 1984.

“The search and investigations remain ongoing.”



Mother’s AGONY as epileptic boy Billy Caldwell faces ANOTHER medical cannabis setback



Mother’s AGONY as epileptic boy Billy Caldwell faces ANOTHER medical cannabis setback


The Express


 BILLY CALDWELL, a severely epileptic child whose story helped legalise medical cannabis last year, is facing yet another heartbreaking setback.


Billy, 13, suffers from a severe, life-threatening form of epilepsy for which cannabis oil is the most effective treatment. After having his medicine confiscated at Heathrow Airport in June last year, he was granted an emergency exemption licence by Home Secretary Sajid Javid, and from July was provided this medicine by the NHS. Mr Javid then ordered a review into the law, which resulted in medical cannabis becoming legal in the UK in November.


However, seven months later only a very small number of patients have access on the NHS due to strict guidelines from the British Paediatric Neurology Association (BPNA), forcing those who are able to turn to costly private clinics.

Even Billy, the boy whose story changed the law, is again struggling to access the right medicine.

Billy’s mother Charlotte said: “My real fear is my little boy will end up in a life-threatening situation if his supply runs out. This is torture.

“I am absolutely crippled with dread, frightened and terrified for Billy.


billy caldwell charlotte caldwell


“Once again our lives are in turmoil, my heart has broken into a million pieces.”

In October last year, despite being treated with a medical cannabis product, Billy’s seizures started breaking through.

Charlotte decided to take Billy back to Canada to be reassessed by medical cannabis experts.

The experts in Canada told Charlotte that because Billy was entering puberty, his body was evolving, so the condition was also evolving and his medicine needed to be adapted.


billy caldwell cannabis oil


Billy was transitioned onto a new medication and all the information sent back to Belfast.

However, the new product Charlotte was requesting for her son is unlicensed in the UK and so the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust were unable to provide it.

A spokesman for the Belfast Trust told “As previously stated by the Department of Health, medicinal cannabis was approved in Billy’s case last year and provided to him by the health service, however, an alternative unlicensed cannabis-based product was sourced on a private basis by Ms Caldwell.

“The Trust remains committed to ensuring the appropriate care for Billy. Discussions remain ongoing.”


He added that the NHS will continue to provide Billy with the medical cannabis product previously prescribed.

However, Charlotte argued that the old medication is no longer controlling Billy’s seizures and that once they start breaking through his seizures rapidly escalate.

She said she had “no choice” but to seek alternative medication.

Charlotte told “I lost count of how many NHS paediatric neurologists and private paediatric neurologists I emailed to get them to support Billy’s new prescription, so we could go home.


Only one private doctor came forward.”

The pair returned to the UK in February and Billy has been receiving his medicine on a private prescription from a doctor in England.

This means the family have had to pay for his medicine, private consultation fees as well as return flights from Northern Ireland to England every five weeks.

Then, two weeks ago, Billy and Charlotte were thrown a lifeline when medical cannabis manufacturer Aurora offered to gift Billy his private prescription at a medical cannabis conference in London entitled ‘Women, CBD and Medical Cannabis Conference’.


However, the company has since said they are “not in a position” to provide the prescription free of charge, due to the high numbers of families and patients now requesting the same.

They will provide the prescription up to June 4, but after this time the family will have to pay the extortionate price themselves.

Charlotte is demanding that the NHS support Billy’s new medication.

She said: “It’s just a real injustice. The question we have to ask is: is this just a shambles or is it orchestrated cruelty against my little boy?”



Everyone should have the choice to smoke opium



Everyone should have the choice to smoke opium



On drugs, it’s one rule for politicians like Rory Stewart and another for the  


Tory leadership candidate Rory Stewart has admitted to smoking opium while travelling in Iran, joining an estimated 5.3million Brits who admit to trying Class A drugs at some point in their lives. The news cycle will move on and the incident will most likely be forgotten. Meanwhile, a man who has lived in Britain since he was four – having left Jamaica after his father was murdered – looks set to be deported back there after getting caught carrying cannabis. It’s one rule for politicians, another for the rest of us.


The discourse around drug prohibition is rife with hypocrisy, and it’s not just because countless politicians regularly use illegal drugs. As international development secretary, Rory Stewart should be acutely aware of the untold havoc wreaked on the developing world by illegal drug supply chains.


Closer to home, tough-on-crime types eagerly hand over a multi-billion-pound market to criminals who settle their disputes with knives and guns, causing chaos and bloodshed in our streets. Illegal cannabis farms fuel modern slavery, while exploited teenagers from poor backgrounds are groomed as drug mules by county-lines gangs. Many of those teens pick up criminal records that ruin their life chances and make a life of crime seem like an attractive option.


Young people believe that it is easier to buy cannabis than alcohol. Drug dealers with little concern for the safety of their customers sell pills containing concrete, crushed-up malaria tablets or worse. Children don’t need an ID to buy MDMA, and many continue to die from overdoses. Yet their grieving parents’ pleas for change fall on deaf ears. Many young adults with little sensible drug education – who have no way of knowing what or how much they’re taking – follow them into the grave.


The root of this madness is our political class’s decision to keep fighting an unwinnable war on drugs. Some estimates suggest as few as one per cent of drugs entering the country are seized by police. Imprisoning over 12,000 people for drug offences is a deadend, with Home Office research concluding that there is no obvious link between being tough on drugs and levels of use. Doubling down on enforcement of our current laws, which are ‘in some ways tougher than Singapore’s’, according to anti-legalisation fanatic Peter Hitchens, would simply compound existing errors.


There’s an obvious alternative. We could take back control of the drugs market. Let’s sensibly regulate different drugs in different ways as we do with alcohol, and save lives. Cannabis is the obvious place to start. Thankfully, most Brits see through the tired propaganda of prohibition; the general public are now almost twice as likely to support the legalisation of cannabis than they are to oppose it. Age-check policies like Challenge 25 could protect children from underage use, point-of-sale information could educate people on the latest evidence about the health effects, dealers would be put out of business or be forced to move their operation to the regulated sector, and high potency skunk – which currently dominates the UK market – could be taxed at a higher rate to discourage problem-use.


There is worldwide momentum behind cannabis reform. But this is only the beginning. While interventions like supervised drug-consumption rooms and festival drug-testing will help save lives, much of the violence and exploitation in the wider drugs market will only be stopped by a significant shift in how we treat harder drugs. Buying small amounts of MDMA from a pharmacy may sound inconceivable, but for decades under the ‘British system’ you could pick up heroin on prescription in Boots and addicts numbered in the hundreds, not the hundreds of thousands. Perhaps one day, politicians will get behind prescription opium and the harm-reduction approach – it would be a damn sight less destructive than the stuff you get given at weddings in Iran.


Daniel Pryor is head of programmes at the Adam Smith Institute.







More Old Age Potheads are smoking weed as cannabis is legalised, doctors reveal



More Old Age Potheads are smoking weed as cannabis is legalised, doctors reveal


It turns out that marijuana is not just for the young (Image: Getty)


In the days of moral panics about ‘reefer madness’, older folks were deeply worried about younger people smoking weed. Now cannabis use among ‘older adults’ is skyrocketing in places where the herb has been legalised. Doctors have released a report which found a ten-fold increase in weed consumption among elderly people aged 65 and over. Researchers from the University of Colorado surveyed 136 people aged 60 or over living in 13 Colorado counties, where marijuana can be obtained for medical or recreational use. This is the first study to examine how elderly people are using cannabis in the wake of legalisation and was published this month in the journal Drugs & Aging. ‘Older Americans are using cannabis for a lot of different reasons,’ said study co-author Hillary Lum, MD, PhD, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. ‘Some use it to manage pain while others use it for depression or anxiety.


Older people say doctors are not always educated about the benefits and pitfalls of consuming weed (Image: Getty)


The study identified ‘a general reluctance among some to ask their doctors for a red card to obtain medical marijuana’, with respondents choosing to pay more for recreational weed. Lum said this could be driven by feeling self-conscious about asking a doctor for cannabis, suggesting a failure of communication between health care providers and their patients. ‘I think [doctors can] be a lot more open to learning about it and discussing it with their patients,’ said one focus group respondent. ‘Because at this point I have told my primary care I was using it on my shoulder. And that was the end of the conversation. ‘He didn’t want to know why, he didn’t want to know about effects, didn’t want to know about side effects, didn’t want to know anything.’ Some said their doctors were unable or unwilling to provide the certificate needed to obtain medical marijuana.


They also called on medical professionals to ‘educate themselves on the latest cannabis research’. ‘Although study participants discussed recreational cannabis more negatively than medical cannabis, they felt it was more comparable to drinking alcohol, often asserting a preference for recreational cannabis over the negative effects of alcohol,’ the study said. The researchers also discovered that some older people still felt a stigma attached to the consumption of cannabis. ‘Some participants, for example, referred to the movie `Reefer Madness’ (1936) and other anti-marijuana propaganda adverts that negatively framed cannabis as immoral and illegal,’ they said. ‘From a physician’s standpoint, this study shows the need to talk to patients in a non-judgmental way about cannabis. ‘Doctors should also educate themselves about the risks and benefits of cannabis and be able to communicate that effectively to patients.’



Cops stumble across massive cannabis crop while arresting a group of vegan activists accused of storming the property of hard-working farmer



Cops stumble across massive cannabis crop while arresting a group of vegan activists accused of storming the property of hard-working farmer


Daily Mail



Queensland Police have accidentally stumbled across a cannabis crop after arresting a group of vegan activists accused of storming a farm earlier this year. 

While searching a unit in Rocklea, Brisbane in relation to the March 23 incident, police last night found cannabis plants valued at more than $30,000. 

A 38-year-old man was charged with six drug related offences and also questioned and charged in relation to the trespass incident at the Millmerran farm, police said.  


While searching a unit in Rocklea, Brisbane in relation to the March 23 incident, police last night stumbled across a cannabis crop valued at more than $30,000



The man will appear in the Toowoomba Magistrates Court on June 25.

The discovery comes after police put into action several search warrants and charged 14 people in relation to the incident at the Brisbane farm.

Some of the activists have already appeared in court and a number of fines have already been issued, ranging from $500 to $1,300, police said.


The Millmerran incident was just one of several animal rights protests on farms and abattoirs, which prompted the state government to give police and biosecurity officers the authority to issue on-the-spot fines of $652.17 to activists on top of penalties for trespassing. 

As part of their investigation, Queensland Police on Friday released footage of the incident in an attempt to get those involved to come forward. 

‘If you are in this vision, you are encouraged to contact police,’ Detective Inspector Troy Pukallus of the Major and Organised Crime Squad (Rural) said.


The shocking discovery comes after police put into action several search warrants and charged 14 people in relation to a trespassing incident at the Millmerran farm



‘This is your one opportunity to do it at your own volition, before we come knocking on your door.’ 

Police have also warned the general public about the seriousness of trespassing and discourage those who may be thinking of trying something similar.

‘Unauthorised entry by animal activists to places where animals are kept in Queensland occurs without regard for animal welfare, biosecurity, food safety and workplace health and safety risks,’ Detective Inspector Pukallus said.

‘This activity will result in prosecution,’ he said.

Anyone with information about the Millmerran incident has been urged to come forward on contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


Vid On Link






A man of many talents! My Kitchen Rules’ Pete Evans makes cannabis oil as part of his upcoming documentary all about the controversial drug



A man of many talents! My Kitchen Rules’ Pete Evans makes cannabis oil as part of his upcoming documentary all about the controversial drug


Daily Mail


He’s been a vocal advocate for the benefits of CBD, and now Pete Evans is taking it one step further, producing cannabis oil.

The 46-year-old celebrity chef and My Kitchen Rules judge is currently in Florida, where medical marijuana is legal, working on a documentary about cannabis.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Pete shared a selfie alongside fellow cannabis advocate Garyn Angel. 


Courting controversy: Pete Evans is now producing cannabis oil. Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Pete shared a selfie alongside fellow cannabis advocate Garyn Angel


‘In Tampa… Making FECO (full extract cannabis oil) with founder @garynangel from @magicalbutter for our up and coming cannabis doco,’ Pete captioned the photo.


With filming well underway on his upcoming documentary, Pete has been using his Instagram to promote the legalisation of cannabis in Australia in recent months.   

‘In one of my happy places,’ he captioned a photo of himself standing in the middle of a cannabis farm in April. 




Awareness: With filming well underway on his upcoming documentary about the drug, Pete has been using his Instagram to promote the legalisation of cannabis in Australia


Asking experts in their chosen fields about life, love and the future of health, humanity and the planet. Stay tuned. #cannabisdoco’.

Another photo, also taken in April, shows him posing for a selfie alongside one of the farm’s workers, the cannabis plants visible in the background. 

‘Great times spent at an Australian medicinal cannabis farm today. I am learning so many fascinating aspects to this remarkable plant and can’t wait to share it with you all,’ he captioned it. 


And Pete delivered a deafening message to anyone who is against using cannabis for its medicinal qualities in an Instagram post back in March.

‘If you think of cannabis as the “stoner drug” then chances are you don’t know that much about it,’ he began. 

‘For thousands of years it’s been used as a food, to make textiles (the word “canvass” comes from the word “cannabis”) as well as to treat all kinds of ailments.’


The drug’s vocal proponent went on to say it should never have been outlawed in the first place. 

‘Until its completely inappropriate and unwarranted prohibition in the West around eight decades ago (for some dodgy and nefarious reasons I don’t have time to go into here) it was the single most commonly used medicine available; you’d find it in just about everything,’ he added. 

‘And despite its current bad rap it remains arguably the most therapeutically useful plant known to man. Yes, I believe it’s as important as that.’





Man admits growing cannabis in Norwich



Man admits growing cannabis in Norwich


Police executed a drugs warrant at Rye Avenue on January 24 and discovered 177 plants of cannabis at various stages of growth.


Norwich Magistrates Court heard Ernest Sulaj, an Albanian national, was the only person found in the property.

Sulaj admitted production of cannabis and was been sent to Norwich Crown Court for sentence.

He is currently detained in HMP Norwich on immigration offences.



Hundreds of cannabis plants found in Purfleet Road, Aveley



Hundreds of cannabis plants found in Purfleet Road, Aveley


Stock image of cannabis


HUNDREDS of cannabis plants have been found in Aveley.

Police executed a warrant at an address in Purfleet Road at around 7.50pm yesterday.

Officers from Grays Community and Local Policing Teams and the Operational Support Group found many hundreds of plants, which are at various stages of growth, and equipment.

Police remain at the scene where they are conducting further enquiries.

Anyone with information is asked to call Grays CPT on 101 quoting incident 1063 of 30/05 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.




‘Self-medicating’ cannabis drug driver banned after police operation capture



‘Self-medicating’ cannabis drug driver banned after police operation capture


A drug driver who self-medicated with cannabis to sleep at night was arrested as part of a police operation.


Luke Quadling, of Avondale Road, Lowestoft, was stopped by officers on Belvedere Road after checks suggested the car he was driving could be untaxed.

A roadside drug test was 
carried out, which found 
Quadling was over the legal limit for cannabis.

Anne-Marie Sheridan, defending, said: “He accepts he was incredibly stupid but he did not feel any impairment to his driving.

“Last year, he had an operation on his back and could not walk for six months. After that, he self-medicated with cannabis.

“He smoked cannabis the night before and he didn’t realise it would show up in his body the next morning.”


The stop was made as part of Operation Quartzite on November 26 2018, where police stopped 64 vehicles in the town, with just nine leaving the site clear.

Appearing at Great Yarmouth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, May 29, Quadling admitted one charge of drug driving and was banned from driving for 12 months and fined £200. He must also pay court costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £30.

The 21-year-old was one of 
seven suspected drug drivers arrested during the operation, with other motorists pulled over for a range of offences, including driving without insurance, not paying car tax, driving while using a mobile phone and not wearing a seatbelt.

In total, 49 Traffic Offence Reports were written for the 64 vehicles stopped.

Speaking at the time, Sgt Julian Ditcham, from the Roads and Armed Policing Team (RAPT) said: “Operation Quartzite is a series of proactive days of action, planned to underline the Constabulary’s determination to frustrate the activities of criminals, including serious 
and organised crime groups 
who seek to commit offences within our area.

“This is a great example of partnership working and provides in the area a high volume of visible police officers on the streets.

“If you drink and drive, or if you take drugs and drive, we are specifically targeting you.”

Officers from the RAPT team, Joint Scorpion (proactive) teams, Road Casualty Reduction Team and the police dog section 
joined together with partner agencies to carry out the police led multi-agency vehicle check on Belvedere Road.



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