Neighbourhood group discovers bin bags full of cannabis dumped on roadside



Neighbourhood group discovers bin bags full of cannabis dumped on roadside


Patrol finds bin bags full of cannabis left on Fenley Road, Sparkhill


A newly-formed neighbourhood group discovered black bin bags full of drugs whilst out on patrol.

Members of Streetwatch were walking with local police on Fernley Road, Sparkhill, on Friday afternoon when they found the discarded bags.

When they took a closer look, they found the household bin liners were full of illegal drugs which would be worth a small fortune.

Police were called and the illicit haul will now be destroyed.





A spokeswoman from Streetwatch, said: “It’s so shocking that this was just left on the streets.

“We are taking drugs off the streets. We are working with the community .”


Springfield WMP tweeted: “A huge haul of drugs found by our Streetwatch team and @SpringfieldWMP pcsos whilst out on patrol. Joint patrol with our communities is bringing results.

“Thank you team. More drugs taken off the streets.”





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