Father who constantly clashes with his daughter over her cannabis use admits she makes him feel like he’s ‘not loved’ as they smoke a joint together for a TV experiment



Father who constantly clashes with his daughter over her cannabis use admits she makes him feel like he’s ‘not loved’ as they smoke a joint together for a TV experiment


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A father and daughter healed their tense relationship in an unusual way by getting high together on last night’s episode of Channel 4’s High Society: Cannabis Cafe.

Jeff, 55, and his daughter Abbey, 30, both from Birmingham, admitted they regularly clash over her smoking the drug, which she uses to help manage symptoms of several chronic health conditions. 

But after travelling to Amsterdam and trying out marijuana together in a coffee shop, they started discussing their difficulties, with Jeff welling up as he told his daughter she made him feel like he was ‘not loved’. 

As the pair reconciled, viewers were impressed by the heart felt moment, with one saying: ‘Father and daughter finally opening up to each other is beyond sweet. 

‘You can see the depth of their relationship and that they can speak about their eggshell moments is brilliant. 


Abbey revealed she used cannabis to help her manage symptoms for fibromyalgia and hypermobility


‘I hope they relaxed more around each other, they’re brilliant.’  

Having arrived at the cafe, Abbey talked her father through the menu, and he admitted he was feeling apprehensive about trying weed.


He revealed: ‘My social side of life is going to the pub. A lot of people like cannabis and they don’t drink. I don’t like cannabis and I like a drink.’ 

Meanwhile Abbey said her relationship with her father had faced ups-and-downs, admitting: ‘My relationship with my dad was pretty good, bit of rebellion.’  


She went on: ‘I can’t remember the last time we spent three days together.

‘We normally last half an hour. If we do any longer than that it normally goes t*** up.

And while Jeff said he’d rather drink a pint than smoke, Abbey revealed she used cannabis for medicinal purposes, as she had fibromyalgia and hypermobility.

Fibromyalgia, also called fibromyalgia syndrome, is a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body, while hypermobility means joints are more flexible than other people’s, which can often cause pain or stiffness in the muscles.


Abbey explained: ‘I’m waiting for hip surgery. I actually have a lot of chronic conditions.’

‘I’ve been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which is a connective tissue disorder. I don’t produce collagen correctly, so as part of that, my gut doesn’t work properly. I have an over active bladder.

Abbey added: I’ve been listed for quite an invasive hip operation, and then I’ll have a long recovery – perhaps 12 months to get back to normal.’

She went on to explain that because of her hip surgery, she was facing moving back in her mother and father, and said she was eager to make sure her father understood how important cannabis was to her. 


The pair smoked cannabis together as part of the Channel 4 show, and ended up discussing their tense relationship


Rolling up a joint of cannabis, she explained: ‘I wouldn’t normally roll a joint in front of dad, because I do respect that it’s your home.’ 

Abbey admitted: ‘I don’t think my dad fully understands my condition. He feels I use them as an excuse.’

Meanwhile Jeff said: ‘We’ve spent too many years arguing about silly things. 

‘If I can just get her down on the same level, it could only do us good.’


He added: ‘Abbey and I are very similar, that’s why we clash so much. We’ve got too many genes the same. 

‘We’re like a match and dynamite.’ 

Having smoked a spliff each, Jeff told his daughter: ‘You make me feel like you’re not loved.

‘Whenever I see you I just feel like you’re waiting to have a fight.’ 

Abbey said: ‘I didn’t know you felt like that.’

Tearing up, Jeff went on: ‘I have to stand on egg shell when you come round. I’m frightened to upset you.’ 

And the pair discussed her upcoming operation, with Jeff’s eyes welling up as he told his daughter he wished he could ‘swap places’ with her.

Taking her hand, he went on: ‘You’re gorgeous, you’re beautiful and you’re our daughter. You can come home and stay with us as long as you want. Forever.’ 

Viewers praised the moment, with one begging Abbey to reach out and hug her father.

One tweeted: ‘The girl from Brum needs to give her dad a hug.’ 

Another said: ‘I think it’s time for a visit there with my daughter!!’ 

And while viewers praised the coffee shop online, they responded: ‘One of the best things about our coffee shop is the sheer diversity of ages and people who visit us.’ 




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