Home cannabis grower ‘wanted to save cash’



Home cannabis grower ‘wanted to save cash’


A MAN caught growing cannabis has been ordered to do unpaid work as punishment.

Connor Murray previously pleaded guilty to producing cannabis and to possession of the drug at his home in West Court, Mountblow, on May 23, 2018.

The property was searched with a police warrant at 11.30am when Murray’s partner was home. He returned a short time later, heard Dumbarton Sheriff Court last week.

Amongst the items found were a glass jar with herbal cannabis, worth about £150, under the kitchen sink. There were also 11 bags with herbal material, worth a total of £220.

The living room had zip seal bags and scales.

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Murray, 21, was described as using cannabis for a long period of time, according to defence solicitor Paul Sweeney.

The lawyer said: “He had been advised a good way to save money was to grow his own. He is embarrassed and ashamed of his involvement.

“He has taken steps to get off cannabis. He is regarded as a medium risk of reoffending. One would hope he has learned the errors of his ways.”

Sheriff John Hamilton put Murray on a six-month community payback order with a requirement for 120 hours of unpaid work.





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