Police find cannabis farm in Anfield worth over a million pounds



Police find cannabis farm in Anfield worth over a million pounds


The cannabis farm


Merseyside Police have arrested two men and seized a cannabis farm worth more than £1 million following a raid in Anfield yesterday.

The farm was found at a property on Belmont Road and over 250 cannabis plants were discovered.

The two 37-year-old men were arrested on suspicion of cannabis production, abstraction of electricity and entering the UK without leave.

They remain in custody for questioning.




The cannabis farm



Matt Brown, who heads the specialist Cannabis Dismantling Team (CDT) at Merseyside Police, said: “It is good to see that people in our communities are increasingly aware of the signs that cannabis is being grown near to where they live.

“In this case, two men have been arrested and once again, we believe that the electricity had been tampered with, which could so easily have caused devastation to neighbouring residents and businesses, as we see all too often.

“It’s important we continue to dismantle these dangerous locations, which act as a magnet for violent crime, fire and flood risk, so keep telling us if you have suspicions and we’ll make it safe.”





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