Aberdeen mum who set up own cannabis farm to avoid ‘buying from bams’ could be jailed



Aberdeen mum who set up own cannabis farm to avoid ‘buying from bams’ could be jailed




A MUM set up her own cannabis farm so she wouldn’t have to buy weed from “bams”, a court was told.

Julie Greig, 42, was nabbed with almost a dozen plants and kit to help them grow.


But her operation was rumbled when she let cops into her home in Aberdeen to look for someone they were hunting in the area.

Officers made the shock discovery as they opened a cupboard to make sure the wanted man wasn’t hiding inside.



Prosecutor Lynzi Souter told the city’s sheriff court: “They saw several large cannabis plants along with equipment such as lights and plant feed.

“The search of the property was ceased and she voluntarily stated: ‘That’s my weed so I don’t have to deal with bams’.”

Mum-of-three Greig also owned up to growing plants in her adult son’s bedroom at the house in the Northfield area when police questioned her in April.


Ms Souter added: “When she was interviewed she admitted growing the plants for personal use. No other persons were involved.”

Greig pleaded guilty to cultivating the Class B drug and was warned on Wednesday that she could be locked up.



Sheriff Graeme Napier told her: “I take it someone has explained the seriousness of this? You could be sent to prison for up to 12 months.”

Greig will be sentenced next month. At home later she said: “I’m not interested in talking to you.”





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