Catholic schoolchildren fall ill after consuming cookies laced with cannabis on a school trip



Catholic schoolchildren fall ill after consuming cookies laced with cannabis on a school trip


Daily Mail


Students at a prominent Catholic high school got sick on an end-of-year school trip from eating marijuana cookies.

The eight children from Aquinas College on the Gold Coast were on the excursion last week after classes ended for the year.

School officials are investigating and reported the incident to police, who advised they would not take any action.


Aquinas said the ‘illegal substance’ was not found on the children and was not believed to have been sold to them by other students.

The school said in its statement the students ‘quickly recovered’ 


We have been working with the students and their families to learn more about this situation before deciding on appropriate responses,’ it said.

‘We believe that an illegal substance was involved. We do not believe that this substance was sold by students to other students. The substance was not found on the students.

‘The College has informed police and will continue to keep them updated with any relevant information. 



Police have informed us that they do not intend to take further action.

‘We will wrap up our initial investigations in the coming days before meeting with students and their families in mid-January.’

Aquinas noted that it offered a program that made students aware of the dangers of illicit drugs.




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