Man found with cannabis and screwdriver arrested after police chase



Man found with cannabis and screwdriver arrested after police chase


Manchester Evening News



Police received reports of 12 men in an alleyway in Newton Heath – before one ran off


A man found with cannabis and a screwdriver was arrested in Newton Heath after a police chase.

Police received reports of 12 men huddled together in an alleyway off Seabrook Road on Friday.

One was suspected of having a knife.

Writing on Facebook, the north Manchester division of GMP detailed how one of the group ran off as a police patrol arrived at the scene.

One of the two officers gave chase and he was followed onto Ludgate Road, Lambeth Road, Ballantine Street, Dymchurch Street and onto Amos Avenue.


He was detained and arrested on Culcheth Lane, GMP said.


No age has been revealed and the quantity of cannabis has not been revealed.

But police said a screwdriver was found on his possession.


“GMP received reports of approximately 12 males congregating in an alleyway off Seabrook road in the Newton Heath area,” read the post.

“It was reported that one of the males had been seen with a small metal object, potentially a knife.

“Patrols arrived and one suspected male made off on foot.

“The offender was apprehended on the corner of Culcheth Lane. The male was arrested and found to be in possession of Cannabis and a screwdriver.

“Cannabis seized, destroyed and off the streets.”





Police find hundreds of cannabis plants in drug den in Doncaster



Police find hundreds of cannabis plants in drug den in Doncaster


A drug den was discovered in Doncaster by police officers on patrol in the town.


South Yorkshire Police said officers patrolling Hexthorpe on Sunday, January 26 found an insecure property on Abbott Street and when they entered the house they discovered 400 cannabis plants growing in three rooms.


A police investigation into those behind the cannabis farm has been launched.



Cannabis factory found by police in Bradford



Cannabis factory found by police in Bradford


WEST Yorkshire Police have said that a cannabis factory was found in the Tong Street area this morning, following reports of a fire.

In a statement, a West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said, “Firefighters attending a fire at a property on John Street called police at about 10.23am on Friday, following the discovery of a potential cannabis factory at the location.

“Officers attended and located around 20 plants in an upstairs room.

“The building was made safe and enquiries remain ongoing.



What is the future of cannabis vaping?

I gather there’s been some bad press lately about the vaping of cannabis being associated with deaths in the US. Putting that aside, I wondered what the future of cannabis vaping will be like.

Surely we’re heading toward the development of some kind of concotion of evaping juice. Because as vaping cannabis may be preferable healthwise to smoking it, it still potentially carries some health risks which a liquid solution would overcome I assume although perhaps this would carry its own risks. 

Have there been any juices developed in the US that have tried to mimic the cannabinoid profile of cannabis strains? Surely we will see this as cannabis continues to be legalised in the developing world. Doesn’t the emergence of ecigerattes make this process inevitable?

Some might cry sacriledge and it’s not for everyone and there are other ways to titrate the dosage than going down this path. I for one would be comfortable with the idea if it meant I wasn’t putting hot oil into my lungs. 

What Will the UK CBD Industry Look Like Post-‘Brexit’?



What Will the UK CBD Industry Look Like Post-‘Brexit’?


Today (31st January 2020) marks Britain’s drawn-out departure from the European Union and the start of the nation’s journey post-‘Brexit’. Although a hugely divisive subject, one thing is certain – Brexit will affect the economy and industry. How it will be affected, however, remains to be seen. So, what will the UK CBD industry look like after Brexit?

Throughout the UK’s membership of the European Union, certain laws and restrictions have been adopted. Along with many other things, this is likely to change after the completion of Brexit. Expert economists have repeatedly claimed that Britain’s exit from the EU will most likely lead to the slow-down of economic growth and industry.

However, many in the CBD industry believe that theirs will be one of the few industries that won’t be negatively affected by Brexit.

In December 2019, Cannabis business analysts, Prohibition Partners, published ‘The UK Cannabis Report’. The report outlines the ins-and-outs of different aspects of the different Cannabis sectors – medicinal, recreational, and CBD.


Prohibition Partners point to the possibility:

“[Once the UK leaves the EU,] the door may be opened to introduce edible brands”.


This is an area of the CBD industry that currently faces some uncertainty. Although the UK has not, up to now, adopted the EU’s ruling as a Novel Food – effectively requiring companies to gain licensing in order to incorporate the ingredient in foods – industry bodies have remained cautious.

The European Commission ruled in January 2019 that cannabidiol (CBD) is a Novel Food. This refers to an ingredient that was not consumed to a significant extent prior to 15th May 1997. The official stance of the EU is that companies must procure Food Safety certification.

However, the ruling was not enforced strictly in the UK and other European countries. Nevertheless, at the end of 2019, the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) launched the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI), which aims to provide an industry standard for CBD companies in the UK. As part of their framework, the ACI works to gain FSA certification for its members – making them compliant with Novel Foods requirements.

Further, some people believe Brexit may even open up increased opportunities for the UK CBD industry. Namely, the possibility of developing an industry similar to that in Switzerland, where the CBD sector is booming.

Former Policy Lead at the CMC and government advisor, Blair Gibbs, stated at the CBD Europe Expo, last year:

“Brexit gives us a chance to diverge (from European regulation) and gain a competitive edge.”




Canberra becomes the first city in Australia to legalise cannabis for personal use



Canberra becomes the first city in Australia to legalise cannabis for personal use


Canberra has become the first city in Australia to legalise cannabis for personal use. 

As of Friday, Canberra residents over 18 will be allowed to possess 50g of cannabis and grow two plants per person. 

A household can only have four plants total and hydroponic growing will remain illegal, The ABC reported. 

Authorities have warned that the new Australian Captial Territory laws, however, conflict with federal legislation. 

The private member’s bill was introduced by Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson. 


The bill made it through the ACT legislative assembly in September 2019. 

ACT Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith was also required to sign off on the bill. 

While legalising the drug might clash with federal drug laws, Mr Pettersson on Tuesday said he was ‘very confident’ there wouldn’t be any problems. 

Federal Attorney-General Christian Porter said the bill was a matter for the ACT, but where Commonwealth laws applied they remained enforceable. 

Amendments made to the original bill require cannabis to be kept out of reach of children, and barring adults from using it near children or growing it in community gardens. 

Mr Pettersson said his motivation for introducing the bill was to make drug use a health issue not a criminal one.

‘Because of our drug laws, getting caught with a small amount of cannabis can ruin your life,’ he said.

He said it would be a waste of the federal government’s time to strike down the law.


But it wouldn’t be the first time laws introduced by the territory have clashed with federal laws.

In 2013, the capital legalised same-sex marriage only to have the federal government revoke the law after it took a challenge to the High Court.

Before that, in 1995, the Northern Territory legalised voluntary euthanasia only to have the federal government later legislate to stop the nation’s territories from specifically introducing assisted dying. 

The federal government has said it does not support the new cannabis laws in the Australian Capital Territory and could use Australian Federal Police to enforce commonwealth law. 

Under the new laws Canberra residents can possess 50g of dry cannabis or 150g of undried cannabis. 

That amount has been decriminalised in the ACT for a while but the new laws go further. 

Whereas last week if an adult was caught with a plant they would receive a $160 fine, as of Friday there is no penalty. 

There are some caveats, however, such as that any amount of the drug cannot be smoked or ingested in public. 

Also, people who share a joint or give their mates any amount of the drug are committing the offence of supplying a prohibited substance – that has a maximum penalty of $80,000 and/or five years in jail.




Top Hitter


It should never have become illegal. The petroleum industry had a huge campaign lobbying Govts and spreading fake news about cannabis. Australia used to have a flourishing industry in NSW and Tassie for fibre. Deaths from Cannabis = 0. Alcohol, everyday people die.


Not nice, Melb, Australia,





JPD Capital launches medicinal cannabis fund



JPD Capital launches medicinal cannabis fund


JPD Capital launched an exclusive medicinal cannabis fund in London earlier this week.

It was launched by the founder of the UK based medicinal cannabis company Eco Equity, Jon-Paul Doran.

With investors from all over the globe, the minimum investment into the fund is £25,000.


JPD Capital aims to invest in entities varying from greenhouse to lighting, seed to cultivation, agricultural suppliers to distribution and businesses which have a role to play in the “seed to sail” journey.

“I am delighted to be launching our medicinal cannabis fund in the UK. The success of our pharmaceutical arm Eco Equity over the past 18 months shows there is appetite for investment in the industry,” Jon-Paul Doran, founder of JPD Capital, provided a comment.


As government policy on the us of medicinal cannabis in the UK begins to relax, the sector is proving highly popular to investors.

“The cannabis market is the fastest-growing market of 2019, proving its unstoppable growth and obvious attraction for investors,” the founder of JPD Capital continued.

The launch took place at the top of London’s symbolic Gherkin skyscraper and featured a panel discussion on the future of the medicinal cannabis policy in the UK.

Jon-Paul Doran said: “We want our investors to feel confident and we want our investors to see returns, as well as achieving our main aim of finding alternative and natural treatments for life-threatening illnesses.”

Over the next few months, JPD Capital aims to further invest in and diversify its portfolio, with the medicinal cannabis company Eco Equity included.


In the past year, the fund has already invested in projects located in Zimbabwe and Antigua through Eco Equity, which acquired one of five licences to cultivate cannabis for medical purposes in Zimbabwe.

Foundations have already been built and the cultivation of cannabis is anticipated to commence in the second quarter of 2020, JPD Capital said.

Meanwhile, Eco Equity was most recently granted approval for a medicinal cannabis dispensary licence in Antigua and Barbuda.


Timothy Ambrose, Chief Operating Officer of Eco Equity, also provided a comment: “The funds invested into Eco Equity in the last year have resulted in successful acquisitions of licences in Zimbabwe and Antigua. We are focused on the next stage of production and particularly in the Caribbean, we want to achieve our aim of becoming Antigua’s exclusive dispensary brand.”

“Over the coming year we will begin cultivation and by the end of the year we will be supplying the cannabis market with high grade, GMP certified CBD products,” Timothy Ambrose continued.

Despite the controversy behind it, there is evidence to suggest that cannabis does have many medical benefits.



Whittlesey cannabis factory raided after plants seen being loaded into parked vehicle



Whittlesey cannabis factory raided after plants seen being loaded into parked vehicle


Police raided a cannabis factory in Whittlesey after plants were seen being loaded into a parked vehicle.


Cambridgeshire police was called at 11.40pm yesterday (Wednesday) to reports of suspicious circumstances at an address in Ramsey Road.

The property was then raided this morning.

A police spokeswoman said: “A number of cannabis plants were seen to be loaded into parked vehicle outside the address.


“Officers attended and discovered a number of cannabis plants inside the property.

“The occupants of the address were not located.

“No arrests have been made. Enquiries continue.”




Boxing news: Carl Froch declares, ‘cannabis is a big plus,’ as he talks Mike Tyson and calls for legalisation



Boxing news: Carl Froch declares, ‘cannabis is a big plus,’ as he talks Mike Tyson and calls for legalisation


Carl Froch has voiced his support for the legalisation of cannabis in an unexpected segment on his podcast.

The British boxing legend has previously surprised listeners by delving into topics such as his belief in flat Earth as he addresses a variety of subjects now that he’s retired from the sport.


While speaking about fellow ex-boxer Mike Tyson, who grows and sells his own marijuana at a ranch in America, the ‘Cobra’ divulged into a tangent regarding his own experience with the substance.

On the Froch on Fighting Podcast, Froch said: “It’s great to see him now, he’s doing well business-wise, I’m sure he’s growing weed somewhere in America.

“It’s been legal in California for quite a few years, and it should be, so many health benefits.


“Unfortunately my father-in-law passed last year, he was being treated holistically which involved cannabis oil and other raw foods. A plant based diet with alkaline in his body as well.

“I’ve done a lot of research and cannabis, for me, is a massive plus and it’s got so many health benefits.

“People realise that now and the government realise it and it’s one of them.

“You can start going into conspiracy theories but you can’t patent the marijuana plant because it’s a natural substance, it grows from mother earth.


“So a lot of companies won’t do trials and won’t put millions of pounds into testing it because they can’t then have the trademark on it.

“Unfortunately it’s taken so many years to come through. People are getting help with MS, dementia and other diseases that affect the motor neurones and the central nervous system.

“It calms it down, it’s an anti-inflammatory, it relaxes people and it’s got so many health benefits.

“But don’t get me on my soapbox because I won’t stop.”




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