Boxing news: Carl Froch declares, ‘cannabis is a big plus,’ as he talks Mike Tyson and calls for legalisation



Boxing news: Carl Froch declares, ‘cannabis is a big plus,’ as he talks Mike Tyson and calls for legalisation


Carl Froch has voiced his support for the legalisation of cannabis in an unexpected segment on his podcast.

The British boxing legend has previously surprised listeners by delving into topics such as his belief in flat Earth as he addresses a variety of subjects now that he’s retired from the sport.


While speaking about fellow ex-boxer Mike Tyson, who grows and sells his own marijuana at a ranch in America, the ‘Cobra’ divulged into a tangent regarding his own experience with the substance.

On the Froch on Fighting Podcast, Froch said: “It’s great to see him now, he’s doing well business-wise, I’m sure he’s growing weed somewhere in America.

“It’s been legal in California for quite a few years, and it should be, so many health benefits.


“Unfortunately my father-in-law passed last year, he was being treated holistically which involved cannabis oil and other raw foods. A plant based diet with alkaline in his body as well.

“I’ve done a lot of research and cannabis, for me, is a massive plus and it’s got so many health benefits.

“People realise that now and the government realise it and it’s one of them.

“You can start going into conspiracy theories but you can’t patent the marijuana plant because it’s a natural substance, it grows from mother earth.


“So a lot of companies won’t do trials and won’t put millions of pounds into testing it because they can’t then have the trademark on it.

“Unfortunately it’s taken so many years to come through. People are getting help with MS, dementia and other diseases that affect the motor neurones and the central nervous system.

“It calms it down, it’s an anti-inflammatory, it relaxes people and it’s got so many health benefits.

“But don’t get me on my soapbox because I won’t stop.”




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