What is the future of cannabis vaping?

I gather there’s been some bad press lately about the vaping of cannabis being associated with deaths in the US. Putting that aside, I wondered what the future of cannabis vaping will be like.

Surely we’re heading toward the development of some kind of concotion of evaping juice. Because as vaping cannabis may be preferable healthwise to smoking it, it still potentially carries some health risks which a liquid solution would overcome I assume although perhaps this would carry its own risks. 

Have there been any juices developed in the US that have tried to mimic the cannabinoid profile of cannabis strains? Surely we will see this as cannabis continues to be legalised in the developing world. Doesn’t the emergence of ecigerattes make this process inevitable?

Some might cry sacriledge and it’s not for everyone and there are other ways to titrate the dosage than going down this path. I for one would be comfortable with the idea if it meant I wasn’t putting hot oil into my lungs. 

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