Pregnant Scots mum in cannabis oil plea as three family members suffer devastating illnesses



Pregnant Scots mum in cannabis oil plea as three family members suffer devastating illnesses


Half of the close-knit Newman family are battling serious health problems with mum Margaret’s condition now terminal.




A pregnant Glasgow mum has told how her family has been torn apart after three of her loved ones were diagnosed with devastating illnesses.

Half of the close-knit Newman family, from Castlemilk, are battling serious health problems, with mum Margaret’s condition now terminal.

Lindsey Newman, 32, fears her mum won’t be around to meet her granddaughter, due in April, and is desperately fundraising to raise money to buy her cannabis oil.

She said: “We just want to buy her some more time.


“The doctors haven’t given us an exact time but they said “not long”.

“I was with her when we received the news and hearing those words I just felt like my whole world had crumbled beneath me.


“I’m expecting a daughter in April and I want my mum to see her more than anything in the world.

“I don’t know how I’m going to do this without her.”

Despite battling cancer for almost five years and undergoing numerous rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, mum-of-four Margaret was told her secondary cancer was terminal on Hogmany 2019 after finding out it had spread to her brain.

Margaret’s husband John, 64, also received the devastating news that he had throat cancer last year and is currently receiving treatment in hospital.


In 2018, the couple’s son John, 34, was struck down with pneumonia.

The potentially deadly infection led to sepsis and John was hospitalised. He spent weeks in intensive care and was left paralysed as a result. He has been in hospital since.

Mum-of-one Lindsey added: “I have no words to describe what our family are going through right now, but what I can say is that this is the hardest thing we’ve ever had to face.

“The thought of living the rest of our lives without our mum is just too much to bare.

“I’ve never felt pain like it. The hole that will be ripped in our family will never be repairable.”

Lindsey and family believe they are on borrowed time with Margaret and believe their only hope is CBD oils.


Lindsey added: “We’ve been put in touch with someone who can supply her with the CBD oils and it’s the only hope we have.

“We hope this will give her more time.

“We are a family of limited means and wouldn’t normally ask for help but I would sell my soul if it meant even one extra day with mum by our side.


“I’m begging each and every one of you who knows and loves our mum, to give as much or as little as you can.

“She’s the most amazing woman to ever grace this earth and although she may be too good for this horrible world, I’m not prepared to let her go without a fight.”

To donate to the Newman family’s plight click here.





This capital city has legalised cannabis for personal use – is the UK next?



This capital city has legalised cannabis for personal use – is the UK next?


Daily Star


Australia’s capital Canberra has become the first city in the country to legalise cannabis for personal use.

According to new laws, users over the age of 18 will be allowed to posssess 50g of the drug.


They will also be permitted to grow two plants per person.

However, households in the Australian Capital Territory won’t be allowed to grow any more than four plants each.

Hydroponic growing – where those cultivating the plant use water rathern than soil as the base component – will remain illegal, ABC reports.


But cannabis-enthusiasts will need to be careful as the law – introduced in a private member’s bill by Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson – conflicts with federal legislation.


After the bill made its way through the ACT legislative assembly in September last year, Mr Petterson said the law was designed to make cannabis use a health issue not a criminal one.

“Because of our drug laws, getting caught with a small amount of cannabis can ruin your life,” he added.


Meanwhile, calls are growing in the UK for the government to legalise cannabis use for those who are suffering from chronic illnesses.

It remains to be seen whether or not the UK will alter its drug laws to decriminalise cannabis for those who use it for health reasons.



Reports suggest that 50% of people in Britain are in favour of legalising recreational use of the class B drug.

And a recent YouGov poll showed that almost 75% support its use for medicinal purposes.

The UK’s minister for drug policy and former London Deputy May for Policing, Kit Matlhouse, has remained largely silent on the issue.



Cardiff police raid finds hundreds of cannabis plants in city house



Cardiff police raid finds hundreds of cannabis plants in city house


BBC News


Cannabis plants found in a Cardiff house


Hundreds of cannabis plants have been discovered in a raid on a city house.

South Wales Police found 276 plants spread over six rooms and three floors at the house in Tewkesbury Street, in Cathays, Cardiff.

Officers raided the property following a tip-off and thanked the public for their support.

PC Andrew Gardiner said: “We are determined to take drugs off the street and disrupt those who choose to get involved in this trade.”





Dopey stoner is caught with 21 cannabis plants hidden in his loft



Dopey stoner is caught with 21 cannabis plants hidden in his loft


Police officers found a dopey Irvine stoner’s homegrown stash – after he unwittingly directed them straight to it.

Cops were called to McKinlay Crescent to investigate reports of a disturbance, and had been told Robert Low was involved.

Officers went to his door in the property and looked though the letterbox, spotting a ladder that was leading up to his loft.

They banged on the door in an attempt to gain entry to the property, believing someone may have been injured in a disturbance and sought refuge in the property.

Low, 30, took an age to answer, but eventually appeared at the kitchen window and then let officers inside.

Once inside the property, they noticed the ladder had been moved – but the loft hatch remained open and officers could smell cannabis.

And, realising his scheme had been rumbled, Low turned to the officers, put his head in his hands and said: “I’m f*****.”

The details emerged this week when Low appeared in the dock at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court over the discovery.


He pleaded guilty to a charge of producing a controlled drug, with a not guilty plea accepted to a charge of stealing electricity.

Procurator Fiscal Depute Blaire Ford told Sheriff George Jamieson the incident began at about 7.30pm on the day in question – October 29 last year.

The prosecutor explained: “Police witnesses, on mobile patrol, in a marked police vehicle, were requested to attend the locus in relation to a report of males being involved in a disturbance.

“On arrival, there were no persons present or signs of a disturbance.

“A witness directed police witnesses to McKinlay Crescent, stating males had entered a flat.

“Officers attended at the door but got no response, one officer looked through the letter box and could see a ladder behind the door.”

The officers kept trying the door and, eventually, Low appeared at the kitchen window, and the officers said they feared someone was injured within the property.

Low allowed the officers inside – and that proved to be his downfall, as they spotted the ladder had been moved and there was light and the smell of cannabis coming from the loft hatch.

Low was told officers would have to obtain a search warrant so they could search his loft, but he consented to the search, and officers found a tent containing polythene sheets.

The tent contained 21 plants, fans, UV lamps and ventilation pipes, while a second tent containing around 80 dead plants was also found.

Defence solicitor Peter Murray told the court that Low was a cannabis user who wanted to try and remove the middlemen to save himself money.

The lawyer explained: “This was irresponsible and he accepts there was a significant number of plants.

“This was all for his own consumption and would have been cropped and as he went along, in order to keep him supplied with this particular substance.”

After hearing that Low had pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity, and was waiting to receive his first Universal Credit payment, Sheriff Jamieson fined him £400, reduced from £600, for the offence.



Cannabis haul ‘worth £1m’ seized in Gateshead and Newcastle



Cannabis haul ‘worth £1m’ seized in Gateshead and Newcastle


Cannabis plants


Cannabis with a street value of £1m and weighing a quarter of a tonne (550 lbs) has been seized by police.

Officers found 3,000 plants and £3,000 during raids at six cannabis farms – one of which police described as “industrial-sized” – in Gateshead.

Six men were arrested. Four were found inside an industrial unit in Ryton, along with 1,680 plants, said Northumbria Police.

Three further men and a woman were arrested in Newcastle on Wednesday.


Cannabis plants


Det Ch Insp Paul Woods said “money made from the sale of illicit substances is money which ends up in the hands of criminals who prey on the vulnerable in our communities”.

He added: “I know some members of the public have strong feelings about the legality of cannabis, but these large farms are so often linked to modern day slavery and trafficking.”

Those arrested were aged between 20 and 40 and were from Vietnam, Poland and Lithuania.

They have all been released while investigations continue.



Cannabis plants





West Hampstead man jailed over raid on ‘rival gang’s cannabis factory’



West Hampstead man jailed over raid on ‘rival gang’s cannabis factory’


A West Hampstead man has been jailed – along with two accomplices – for his part in an armed raid on “a rival gang’s cannabis factory”.


Fabion Kuci, 27 and of Lithos Road, faces six years and four months behind bars after admitting aggravated burglary of a property in Mill Hill.

Unfortunately for Kuci and his co-defendants Azen Dajci, 25, and Ardi Sheta, 19, both of whom are of no fixed address, an off-duty special constable spotted the crime in progress shortly before 4am on November 27 2018 and called colleagues.


Officers arrived in under four minutes and although a number of suspects fled, police were able to detain Dajci and Kuci at the scene – where they also seized cannabis with a street value of around £30,000.

Dajci was jailed for six years and eight months, and he will serve concurrent sentences for possession of a firearm and of ammunition, while Sheta will serve two years and nine months in prison.

Enquiries remain ongoing to trace the other men involved in the raid. Det Const Mike Haughey said: “I would like to praise the actions and bravery of all my colleagues who responded on the night and the actions of an off duty special constable whose early recognition of the burglary was instrumental in our initial response, and the investigation that followed.”


Photos On Link



Will It Be A Brexit Boom Or Bust For U.K. Cannabis?



Will It Be A Brexit Boom Or Bust For U.K. Cannabis?


A Boris Johnson Brexit looks set to free the U.K. from the regulatory orbit of the European Union (E.U.) and usher in an exciting new era for cannabis.

The freedom to overturn the restrictive E.U classification of CBD as a ‘Novel Food’ is the key potential Brexit win for many. This, and the removal of punitive restrictions on cultivation, could prompt a U.K. cannabis investment boom.

However, some U.K.-based cannabis brands with an international focus fear Brexit could lead to more ‘Red Tape’ – and increased costs.


Novel Food Deters Investment

The Novel Food issue has shrouded the European CBD industry in a cloying cloak of uncertainty for the last year; Brexit could provide an opportunity for Britain to escape its shadow. 

Leading U.K. cannabis lawyer Robert Jappie, who will be joining international Law Firm Ince next month, has first-hand experience of the stasis it has caused. In an interview with CBD Testers he said: “We really need a resolution to the Novel Food issue this year. I am aware of many significant investors who are holding back from the sector because of it.

“They say they want to get involved and then they come back and say ‘we have heard about novel food, and we’ll just wait’. The bigger companies, the likes of Coca Cola and Nestlé, are happy to wait until the regulations are clear before making a move – it’s an issue that needs resolved.”



‘Not A Good Look’

Mr Jappie believes the U.K will choose to diverge from the existing Novel Food guidelines saying: “The optic of a U.K. regulatory body (Food Standards Agency) saying they are going to enforce non-binding E.U. regulation, in the current political climate, wouldn’t be a good look.” 

He also highlights how a U.K. divergence from the E.U. rules will help deliver the sort of Brexit its supporters crave.

“I think Novel Food is a very easy win for the U.K. government. If the point of Brexit is actually to diverge from E.U. rules they could take the position of ignoring it, and show their backing for the U.K. CBD industry. The clear benefit of the leaving the E.U. for Brexit supporters, is that we are able to diverge from E.U. rules” (which includes cannabis laws of course)

Brexit Not BRINO

Under the previous Prime Minister Theresa May the U.K. set out on a BRINO  (Brexit in Name Only) path which posited close regulatory alignment. Mr Johnson, on the other hand, is said to be looking for a basic free trade deal with the E.U.

In such deals the generally accepted view is that if regulatory alignment is not achieved, ‘mutual recognition’ of each others standards is a suitable substitute. However Brussels’ negotiators appear to baulk at this. 

While neighbours U.S. and Canada trade on mutual recognition terms negotiators in Brussels see the proximity of Britain as ‘too great a competitive risk’.

Some Will Choose To Align With E.U.

Mr Jappie elaborated: “It’s a complex issue. I personally think the E.U. will take a very tough stance and not allow the U.K. to abide by whatever rules it chooses.

“Will the E.U. allow for mutual recognition? Well, here, it looks like it could be trade-off for access to continental markets. The problem for the U.K. is that a lack of mutual recognition will make it more difficult for CBD companies to sell product to the E.U.”

If a mutual recognition agreement is not forthcoming then U.K.-based international cannabis brands, trading in Europe, may need to incur additional costs to align with Novel Food.

Food Standards Agency

If Novel Food is dropped there will need to be a change of mindset at the FSA. It has maintained a consistent stance in the last year, and re-stated it earlier this month.

In a statement to CBD Testers it said: “CBD extracts are considered novel foods under food law and we expect companies to comply with the novel foods process, which includes submitting safety information about their products. 

“The FSA is considering the best way to ensure CBD food-related products currently on the market move towards compliance.”

In relation to Brexit a spokesperson said the regulatory landscape for CBD is ‘subject to negotiations on the E.U. and U.K.’s future relationship, which will take place throughout this year’.

U.K. Trade Associations

Peter Reynolds has been campaigning for cannabis liberalisation since the 1970s. He is co-founder and President of cannabis law reform group CLEAR and industry trade group and self-regulatory body CannaPro.

He is urging all U.K. cannabis businesses to lobby their MPs in a bid to sink the controversial Novel Food regulations before they cause further damage.

“Our new trading relationship means we no longer have to follow E.U. rules and the Food Standard Agency can no longer hide behind the European Union. They will now have to explain for themselves and justify for themselves why they are following the European rules on Novel Food,” he said.

Fellow U.K. industry group the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA) has also ratcheted up the pressure on the FSA, as the nation leaves the E.U. In a recent press release Chairman Mike Harlington said it is launching a ‘systematic campaign of political and media engagement to keep the pressure on the FSA not to attempt to enforce any move against the CBD industry, based on the Novel Foods issue’. 

He went on to say any such enforcement could ‘hit millions of consumers who regularly use CBD products’.


U.K. Growing Rules ‘Perverse’

Meanwhile, domestic cannabis cultivators are also hoping that Brexit will lead to the removal of growing restrictions. As things stand U.K. farmers are bound by E.U. rules which limit seed types to those with less than 0.2% THC.

There are Europe-wide moves to increase this to 0.3% and there is no reason why the U.K. could not push for the same 1% level as Switzerland – a fellow Non-E.U. country. Lobbying on this will accompany efforts to remove rules enforcing the destruction of both flowers and leaves – the most valuable parts of the plant.

Removing such restrictions would support home-grown medical cannabis and CBD cultivators and spur the growth of the nation’s hamstrung industrial hemp industry.

Mr Jappie said: “If we had designated government department in say DEFRA   (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) dealing with cultivation, we could set out own standards and become a market leader.”

This view is backed by one of Boris Johnson’s Policy advisers Blair Gibbs, who spoke to CBD Testers last year when he was previously with the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis.

During the interview he described the U.K.’s licensing position as ‘perverse’ and ‘unsustainable’. Mr Gibbs also told CBD Testers that the Novel Food regime is ‘not workable for the U.K. CBD market’.

A Final Thought: Brexit and Cannabis Decriminalisation in U.K?

Mr Gibbs joined the No. 10 team in the run up to last December’s General Election, at the same time as fellow cannabis supporter Danny Kruger. Mr Kruger is now the Prime Minister’s Political Secretary, and he has also called for an end to cannabis prohibition.

With these two whispering in the P.M.’s ear and a growing cross-party alliance of MP’s calling for the decriminalisation of cannabis the mood music in the U.K. has shifted significantly in the last 18 months.

CBD and medical cannabis are now mainstream and many commentators believe we could see major changes over the course of this five-year  Parliament.

*Britain’s exist from the EU will be complete at 11pm on January 31, 2020. It is currently in a transitional period during which existing arrangements apply, and future trading arrangements will be agreed. If agreement cannot be reached then the U.K. and the E.U. will trade on WTO terms.








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