‘It’s been horrendous down here – we’ve all been high’ – residents’ delight as police uncover cannabis farm




‘It’s been horrendous down here – we’ve all been high’ – residents’ delight as police uncover cannabis farm



Patrick Street residents breathed a sigh of relief when Humberside Police officers discovered a cannabis farm at a nearby home after serving a warrant – because the smell had been ‘making them high’.

Police found dozens of cannabis plants in the property on Monday morning, and a 32-year-old man was arrested.

He remains in custody on suspicion of the production of cannabis.

The arrest and find was made as part of Humberside Police’s Operation Galaxy, which is a multi-department task force set up to take an offensive stance against crime in the area.


There was a large police presence at the scene of the cannabis grow while an electrical supplier was in the house ensuring the property was safe for officers to secure evidence at the site.

It came as a relief to residents, who had been suffering due to the smell.

One resident said: “It’s been horrendous down here, we’ve all been high. We’ve all been fed up about it for ages so I’m glad the police have done something about it.



We never saw the guy who lived there, so we all thought it was empty until we started smelling the weed. It’s been awful, I’ve had chemo and my sense of smell has been horrific with it.

“We never saw anyone come in or out, and lights were on a timer. But I have been reporting it to the police telling them to come down because of the smell of the weed.”


Another resident was aware of the issues, but did not know where it came from.

They said: “I didn’t see anything going on, but I had noticed the smell of it a few weeks ago. I didn’t know where it was coming from though.”

Humberside Police Neighbourhood Policing Inspector for Grimsby, Dave Stephenson said: “When officers served a warrant at the address this morning we discovered a cannabis grow and arrested a 32 year-old man too.




“The electrical supplier was contacted to make the property safe and we are now securing evidence at the house.

“The man remains in custody on suspicion of the production of cannabis.


“I want to thank local residents who reported their suspicions to us about cannabis being grown.  I would encourage anyone who suspects that crime is being committed in their community to call us to tell us about their concerns.






What should you do if you think your neighbour is smoking cannabis?



What should you do if you think your neighbour is smoking cannabis?


Most people won’t be bothered by what they are doing in their own home but the smell can make living nearby unpleasant.


If your neighbours are smoking cannabis, the chances are you will know about it.

There’s no getting away from the drug’s recognisable smell in your neighbourhood.

Most people won’t be bothered by what they are doing in their own home but the smell can make living nearby unpleasant.

Cannabis is illegal in the UK and is a Class B drug, despite moves to decriminalise it.

So what action can you take if you suspect the drug is being used near your home?


Can people smoke cannabis in their own home?


No, they can’t.

A police spokesperson told the Hull Daily Mail: “The possession of cannabis is an offence and will be dealt with by police.”

She continued: “It is a widespread issue across the county and we are focusing our resources to target those connected with the cultivation and dealing of the drug to help crackdown on the issue.

“We would encourage anyone who suspects drug activity in their community to contact us.”



Will my neighbours find out I’ve reported them?


Your identity will be protected if you tip police off.

Police would “never give away a caller’s identity,” adding: “We wouldn’t say information has come from a neighbour as that narrows it down. We’d just say we received a call about it.”

She added that officers on the beat might also patrol a particular area based on a tip-off.

If they were to notice the smell of cannabis coming from one particular house themselves, they might knock on the door and broach the subject that way.

She added that people could always call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if they wanted to remain anonymous throughout the process.


What will happen to the neighbour?


The police spokesman said that any penalty for the offender could depend on a number of things, including the amount of cannabis, and whether someone has had any previous convictions.

She warned that while you could also inform the person’s landlord, if they were renting, the landlord is not bound to keep your identity secret in the same way that police are.

As long as the tenancy agreement has been drawn up properly, anyone growing cannabis will be in breach of it. However, you also need to remember that there are limits on what the landlord can do.

A spokesman for the National Landlords Association, said that if landlords suspect cannabis use, they should “arrange a visit to the property provided they have given the tenant advance warning.”


He said: “If they see or smell what they believe to be evidence of cannabis use, they should remind or warn the tenant or tenants that such actions are in violation of the tenancy agreement.

“If, when they next visit the property, they see the same evidence they may then wish to resort to serving a section 21, or eviction notice.”







Using cannabis for pain relief led to patient turning drug dealer



Using cannabis for pain relief led to patient turning drug dealer


A WOMAN with long-term chronic pain became a drug dealer because she used cannabis as a painkiller, York Crown Court heard.

Rob Galley, prosecuting, said Cassey Dutton had cannabis worth nearly £1,000 in her car near Monks Cross Shopping Centre at 3.20pm.

She had smoked a joint of the drug and was driving erratically.

Text messages showed Dutton had been selling the drug for six months.

One of the messages on her phone, apparently to her drug supplier, said she couldn’t get enough money to pay him because she hadn’t managed to sell anything and she didn’t want to sell cannabis anymore.

For the 24-year-old woman, Georgina Goring said she had had severe health problems with chronic pain since she was 10 that had required back surgery.

“At the age of 17, she discovered by smoking cannabis it eased her pain,” said the defence barrister.

She had mental as well as physical health problems.

Dutton, of Nailstone Crescent, Birmingham, walked with crutches as she went into the dock.


She pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis with intent to supply on the basis that her drug supplier persuaded her to turn drug dealer herself to her friends.

“The nonsense peddled in many instances of cannabis not affecting people is just that,” Judge Simon Hickey told her. “It causes mental instability, it causes crime, it causes economic damage. It should not be peddled, and this was the strongest form of cannabis (in Dutton’s car).”

He told her not to take cannabis for any reason, including as pain relief.

He also gave her a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months on condition she does 15 days’ rehabilitative activities and a 12-week nightly curfew.

Miss Goring said Dutton was remorseful for her actions.

Mr Galley said a passer-by called police on seeing Dutton driving erratically and smelling cannabis coming from her car on Monks Cross Drive on July 12, 2107.

There were then problems getting access to her phone date and analysing it which delayed the court case.





Man who drove 40 yards outside Glastonbury Festival after smoking ‘a little spliff’ banned for 12 months



Man who drove 40 yards outside Glastonbury Festival after smoking ‘a little spliff’ banned for 12 months


Louis Bird fell foul of the law after leaving Worthy Farm


A man who was caught by police drug driving after moving his car just 40 yards down the road was given a 12-month ban despite trying to argue special reasons not to disqualify him.

Louis Bird had gone to Glastonbury Festival and arranged for a friend to pick him up and she left the vehicle on the side of the road to go and get him.

When they emerged from the site he had an exchange of words with a security guard outside who had an issue with him blocking the road and when police arrived at the scene they smelt cannabis and he was found over the limit.

When he appeared before Somerset Magistrates’ Court in Yeovil he admitted he had smoked “a little spliff”, but admitted the offence he asked them to consider not disqualifying him from driving as it had involved such a short distance driven.

The 31-year-old defendant, of St Domingo Grove, Anfield, Liverpool, pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle on Pylle Lane, Pylle, on July 1 when the proportion of a controlled drug exceeded the specified limit. He also admitted being in possession of a quantity of cannabis.



Prosecutor Christine Hart said Mark Birch was working as a security guard covering Glastonbury Festival last year when he saw a female pull up in a layby near a road closure in Pylle Lane.

“She walked towards the site and returned with the defendant and the car was turned around but due to the road being closed Mr Birch asked the driver to move it,” she said.

“There was a slight exchange of words and the vehicle was then moved by the defendant who reversed it into a driveway and drove into a layby.

“As he did so the police attended and spoke to the security guard who told them there was an issue with the defendant parking where he should not have been.

“The officers went over and spoke with Bird and because they could smell cannabis they searched the car and found a quantity of the drug inside and also did a drugs swipe test on him which was positive.”


The court was told the defence had requested a hearing to argue special reasons why the defendant should not be banned from driving.

Giving evidence from the witness box, Bird said he had only driven around 40 yards and was on the road for an estimated 20 seconds.

He said he had gone to the festival with two other friends, one of whom was the designated driver but he was not there when the police arrived.

He said: “We didn’t drink at all but I’m not going to lie, I had a little spliff.”

When cross examined by Miss Hart she suggested that he had intended to drive all the way home to Liverpool and when asked why he hadn’t brought his friend with him to court he replied that he “couldn’t ask it of him”.

“I just thought I would turn the car around, honestly I don’t know why I did it,” he said.


Defending, Derek Perry said that there could scarcely be a shorter distance than this to have driven adding that there was nothing wrong with the state of his driving that had given concern.

“This is a man who has been quite candid and who got into the car and turned it around in full view of the police,” he said.

“When the police came along he thought they were coming to reinforce the order of the security guards so he thought he had better move it, which is ironically what he got into trouble for.

“It was only a very small amount of time he was on the carriageway and it comes down to an unusual set of circumstances, which in the overwhelming amount of cases would have gone nowhere at all.”

Although the defendant said that there were not many cars on the road at the time due to it being 1am, police bodycam footage showed a number of cars passing by during the one minute clip.


Miss Hart said: “In that very short clip there were a number of cars, and although it was in the early hours of the morning, it was the Glastonbury Festival.

“And the reason he was asked to move the car was that there was a danger from fast-moving traffic.

“There was a danger at one time when he could have come into contact with members of the public or thespians.”

The magistrates did not find special reasons not to disqualify Bird saying that while they accepted he had no intention of driving more than the short distance undertaken, they did not accept that he could not have come into contact with other road users.

For drug driving they imposed a 12-month driving ban and fined him £519 with £85 costs and a £52 victim surcharge.

For possession of cannabis they gave him a 12-month conditional discharge ad made an order to destroy the cannabis seized by the police.








Man was getting ready to watch dodgy downloaded movie when PSNI entered house – police find £35,000 of herbal cannabis drying on clothes horse



Man was getting ready to watch dodgy downloaded movie when PSNI entered house – police find £35,000 of herbal cannabis drying on clothes horse


A man in Northern Ireland was settling down to watch an illegally downloaded movie when the PSNI entered his house and discovered £35,000 worth of herbal cannabis drying on a clothes horse.

The police operation was carried out at an address in Coleraine recently.


The herbal cannabis was found drying on a clothes horse.


“Having forced entry to that very same house in Coleraine the bemused movie watcher was shocked to see police in his living room and he was even more surprised when those same officers followed their noses up his stairs and found his recently produced crop of herbal cannabis drying out on of all things a clothes horse,” said the PSNI.

“Having bagged up his produce – valued at £35,000 he had to pack up his laptop and accompany officers to answer some sticky questions.

“He never did get to watch those illegally downloaded movies but at least he had a bed for the night.






Cannabis farm found inside property after bus smashes through front room



Cannabis plants were found growing inside a house after police forced entry to check for people inside – when a bus crashed into the front room.

The bus smashed into the home in Loughborough, Leicestershire, last night so officers wanted to check everyone inside was safe after the collision.


After forcing entry into the house, they found cannabis plants instead of people.

Officers entered the property, which sits at the junction of the A6 Derby Road and Alan Moss Road in Loughborough just before 11pm on Saturday, January 25, reports Leicestershire Live.

A single-decker bus operated by Kinch Bus/Trent Barton crashed and ended up in the front bay windows of the house, seriously damaging the rented, semi-detached property.


There was one casualty as someone on the bus was hurt (Image: Leicester Mercury)


A bus smashed into the front of the house so police needed to check no-one inside was hurt (Image: Leicester Mercury)

Initially one casualty was reported as someone was trapped inside the bus after the three-vehicle collision. Paramedics treated one person at the scene but no life-changing or life-threatening injuries were reported.


Now police are continuing enquiries into the crash while a crime forensic investigation vehicle was spotted parked in the garden of the house.

Police were called to the scene in Leicestershire after reports that a bus had collided with a house. Two other cars, a blue Ford and a black Vauxhall Vectra, were involved in the crash too.

The driver of one of the cars had reportedly left the scene before the police had arrived.

One local resident told Leicestershire Live: “I heard the sound of tyres screeching, then a bang and a lot of police sirens.

“The police got there very quickly.”

“I saw one person put on a trolley and put in the back of an ambulance,” another person said.


A bus and two cars were involved in the collision (Image: Leicester Mercury)


A neighbour added: “I know the owner and the property is rented out. I don’t think anyone was inside when the bus crashed into it.

“All I saw was a lot of police lights.”

Another local resident said: “I’m not surprised, there are a lot of incidents at those traffic lights.”

A police spokesman said: “Officers knocked on the door of the property to check the welfare of the occupants.

“When no answer was received, entry was forced and the property was found to be unoccupied.


A crime forensic investigation vehicle was spotted outside the house (Image: Leciester Mercury)

“A number of cannabis plants were found inside.”

Sergeant Lee Taylor, who is based at Loughborough police station, added: “Our enquiries into the incident are very much ongoing and officers remain at the property today.d pays tribute to Kobe Bryant

“We would also like to speak to anyone who was driving in Derby Road and has a dashcam in their vehicle.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 101, quoting incident 717 of January 25.

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Disabled Mansfield man found growing cannabis after police entered his garden looking for missing person

Disabled Mansfield man found growing cannabis after police entered his garden looking for missing person

Police discovered cannabis growing in the back garden of a disabled Mansfield man after he let them in to help them search for a missing person, a court heard


Officers went to the home of Richard Anthony Yates, in Bentinck Street on September 8 last year and asked if they could search his garden, Mansfield Magistrates’ Court was told.


Once on the property they became aware of a strong smell of cannabis and found four plants growing in a small greenhouse, said Robert Carr, prosecuting.

“He was in a serious car accident about five years ago and had started using cannabis,” he said.

Yates, 40, who now walks with the aid of crutches, admitted producing cannabis when he appeared before the court on Thursday, January 23.

Mitigating, Rebecca Williams said that he had started to grow the drug to help with pain relief after he was refused cannabinoid medication by his GP.

She said: “He also suffers from Asperger’s and used to manage this by going to the gym for about three-and-a-half hours every day but he can’t do that anymore and became very depressed.

“He was also unhappy going to street dealers, so he started to grow his own. It’s not the psychoactive impact he’s interested in, it’s the pain relief and it’s difficult for me to fathom why the police have not dealt with this by way of a caution.


“He let the police in to assist them in looking for a missing person.”

Yates was given a six-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay a £21 victim surcharge.


The places where cannabis factories have been found in the Valleys

The places where cannabis factories have been found in the Valleys

Some places have become unusual spots for cannabis factories


Cannabis factories have been found dotted over the Valleys – and in the most random of places.

It seems that there’s no place dealers won’t use to grow the Class B drug. Whether it’s industrial scale operations hidden away in abandoned buildings or brazenly growing the pungent smelling plant in the middle of a busy high street.


We’ve taken a look at the places in Valleys where bumper hauls of hash have been uncovered by police.


In September last year, officers discovered an “indoor garden” of cannabis plants after raiding the former Kit Cat club in Pentre, Rhondda.

The building on Llewelyn Street had been empty for years before the discovery, which was believed to be worth tens of thousands of pounds.

Three men were arrested on suspicion of production of a Class B drug.


The building was a popular destination for club goers in the late 80s and early 90s before it was boarded up in the mid 90s.

It hosted discos with regular DJs, and was even a venue that Stuart Cable apparently used to practice with one of his early bands – before he found fame in Stereophonics.

“It was very briefly the place to be seen for underage drinkers before it got raided and then burned down,” described one local.


Treorchy High Street has just been named Britain’s Best High Street, but several years ago police discovered one property was hiding a secret.

Police were called to the busy shopping street in 2013 following reports of a man trying to break-in to a building which housed a former butchers and an upstairs flat.

Officer’s suspicions were raised immediately when they noticed the windows of the property were blacked out and there was an unusual amount of ventilation.

They found 100 plants in the flat.


The Apollo in Porth was once home to a much-loved nightclub and separate bar. Over it’s years of operations, It faced noise complaints from neighbours and once had its licence stripped as a result.

Your night wasn’t complete without a Taboo and lemonade and seeing someone urinate up against the radiator.

But by 2014, the place was a shadow of its former self – and saw police carry out a drugs raid there.


What they discovered was described as a “sophisticated set up”, with part of the building converted into a comfortable living space with beds, a fridge, freezer and cooking facilities.

The other half of the four-storey building was lined with polythene with a hydroponic system in place, suspended lighting and extractor fans.

There were 1,841 cannabis plants, which could have a street value from anything between £294,000 and £1m.


Two men from Albania were jailed for 16 months for the operation after claiming they were smuggled into the UK and were working to pay off their debt and to send money home.

In the years following the discovery, the Apollo has been left empty, despite a suggestion the building could be turned into a block of flats.

The Apollo also hit headlines in 2016, when a “gallery” of artwork featuring Welsh football stars were painted on the boarded over windows.


Almost 300 cannabis plants were seized by police from above the former Papa Bull pizza shop on Cardiff Road in Aberdare during 2017.

Officers from South Wales Police, acting on “community intelligence” called the value of the plants “substantial.”


Rented properties, Treforest


Police issued a reminder to landlords to regularly check their rented properties when they found more than 500 cannabis plants in neighbouring properties in Treforest in 2013.

Officers were in the area when they noticed a strong smell from one of the houses. They contact the letting agency and landlady to get access to the house where they discovered cannabis growing in the rooms downstairs and three bedrooms kitted out ready to grow plants.

The make-shift factory left considerable damage to the electricity supply and there were holes in the ceilings where cooling tubes had been installed. A further 260 plants were found in a second house on the same street.

It was believed the area was targeted due to it’s high population of students.


Around 1,200 plants were found in a police raid of a unit on an industrial estate in Penygraig in 2017.

Police carried out an investigation into the supply of Class B drugs and potential for human trafficking. Two men were arrested.


£6m worth of cannabis grown in the Cynon Valley

One of the most prolific cases of cannabis production was discovered in the Cynon Valley.

South Wales Police confiscated 2.5 tonnes of cannabis with a street value of around £6m from a Vietnamese drug gang across 15 sites made up of 21 people.

The “industrial-scale” operation is expected to have made the leaders of the gang somewhere in the region of £25m.

A police statement said much of the gang entered the country illegally with false documents, fake identities and some claiming to be children.

The investigation which begun in the Cynon Valley led officers to a string of others across South Wales, Gwent, and Dyfed-Powys areas.

The investigation led to the detection of more than 30 further factories across Wales and as far afield as Coventry.




pics on link

medical cannabis like a beagle and recreational like an alsatian



A WOMAN on trial for twice growing drugs at her home told jurors the banned substances found were ‘medical cannabis.’

From the witness box yesterday Michelle X went on to tell the 12 men and women who are trying her ‘I am way ahead of my time.’

The 52-year-old of Lammas Close,- who suffers with Multiple Sclerosis – denies two counts alleging the production of a drug of class B.

Prosecutors claim that on two separate police visits in 2018 a quantity of cannabis was found growing at her home.

She claims that the drugs seized were to be used as ‘medical cannabis’ to treat her condition.

As her trial at Oxford Crown Court continued yesterday X took to the witness box to profess her innocence.


She told jurors how she had been diagnosed with MS in the late 1980s and had undergone various trials to tackle the condition.

She said: “The disease has been a curse upon my life from the start.

“It ruined my first marriage, it clouded my childhood [through sickliness].”


X went on to say that she used what she called ‘medical cannabis’ to help with her ailments.

She told the jury: “I am standing here before you on medical cannabis.

“If I had no medicine cannabis in me for eight hours I can’t stand here, I can’t walk.

“I am quite happy to go home tonight and stay off my medical cannabis and have a driver bring me in tomorrow to prove to the jury if they need, to see the changes and the extent of medical cannabis for the condition.”

During cross examination it was put to X that the substances grown at her home were in fact cannabis, which she denied.

Asked what the substances were she repeated it was ‘medical cannabis.’

Explaining the difference between the two she should it was like ‘the difference between lager and moonshine.’

Ian Ball, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “If I call my Alsatian a Beagle it doesn’t turn it into a Beagle, I am wrongly labelling it?”

X replied: “If you cross that Beagle with another dog like a poodle you get a Cockapoodle.”

Mr Ball said: “But it’s still a dog?”

X said: “It is still a dog I agree.”

She was also asked if she was hiding the fact that she was growing the cannabis in her home.

She answered: “Yes I was hiding the fact I was growing these plants because I didn’t want publicity.

“I wanted to quietly wait until something had changed.”

She went on to tell jurors: “I am way ahead of my time.

“This is why I’m relying on the jury to make that decision on a law that doesn’t exist.”

After giving her evidence before the jury neither the prosecution nor the defence gave a closing speech.

The case is expected to be summed up by presiding Judge Ian Pringle QC today before the jury is sent out to make their final decision.

X denies both counts and the trial continues.

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