Mary Berry blasts scammers for using her face and name to advertise cannabis oil



Mary Berry blasts scammers for using her face and name to advertise cannabis oil



MARY Berry has hit back at scammers who have been using her face and name to advertise cannabis oil.

The former Great British Bake Off judge, 84, said she was “appalled” to learn customers were being fooled into thinking she had endorsed the product.



t is believed the ads were for a product called Bionic Bliss — which promised punters it would “prevent or alleviate all health problems”.

CBD oil, which contains cannabinoids from the plant, has become a health trend in recent years.

The fake endorsement claims that TV veteran Mary would not be here if it was not for the daily oil.

But her team says she is now taking legal action to have the “dishonest” ads removed after some of her fans got in touch to say they had been scammed.

An “urgent” statement on her official Facebook said: “Mary has been appalled to learn of unaffiliated companies using her image to advertise products like CBD oil and face cream online.


“These are not genuine endorsements and the companies do not have permission to use Mary’s image to sell these products. We would advise people not to click on the links or buy any of these products as it appears they are also overcharging customers by huge amounts.

“We’d like to thank all of Mary’s supporters who have got in touch with us to make us aware of these dishonest adverts, and we extend our sympathies to anyone that has been adversely affected by these companies.

“Our lawyers are working to get these adverts removed.”





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Carole Smith

2 years ago

is the oil safe to use

Marie kelly

2 years ago

Could you tell me how to get the real Mary berrys cdb oil from and how much is it please xx

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