Living the high life! Roaming dogs return to their owners STONED after eating human faeces containing high levels of cannabis



Living the high life! Roaming dogs return to their owners STONED after eating human faeces containing high levels of cannabis

Two dogs returned to their owners stoned after they ate human faeces which contained high levels of cannabis. 

A red heeler pointer named Mack, and a kelpie bull Arab cross called Viola were exploring the GJ Hosken Reserve in Altona North, Melbourne on Sunday morning. 

They returned to their owners, Claire Sutherland and Gabriele D’Angelo, later that day and both animals became extremely ill and were rushed to a veterinary clinic as the owners believed they may have been poisoned. 

Mack and Viola had their stomachs pumped where it was found both dogs had eaten faeces from a person who had consumed edible marijuana. 

Ms Sutherland said Mack was acting strange when he returned from the park. 


‘He lost control of his back legs, he was drooling, he was flinching when we put our hand near him, he was trembling,’ Ms Sutherland told the Herald Sun

A vet initially diagnosed Mack with a slipped disc and gave him morphine, but when Mr D’Angelo called Ms Sutherland and said Viola was showing the same symptoms, they knew something was wrong. 


She contacted her veterinary friend, Ross Ansell, who said it was impossible for both dogs to have slipped discs. 

He urged the pair to take them to an emergency clinic who discovered the dogs had consumed high levels of marijuana. 

After returning from the vet, Ms Sutherland said Mack had the munchies. 

‘He also seemed very anxious for the entire night but in hindsight it was probably paranoia kicking in. You worry about your kids getting mixed up in drugs, but you don’t imagine your dogs will get stoned.’  

Mr Ansell said marijuana can cause serious harms to dogs if consumed. 

‘It can cause a coma, it can lead to death if they have enough, it really knocks them around. It’s a neurological toxin, so it can have a spectacular medical effect on the nervous system,’ he said.







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